Academic verification
How to request academic verification documents for current and former students as a third party, such as a prospective employer or Higher Education Institution.

In the email, please include:
Proof of your identity and relationship with the student, a scanned copy of signed consent from the student authorizing the release of their information. This service is free for all the government organizations. There is a charge of US$ 10.00 for each academic verification request for non-government organizations.

Processing time
Once we’ve received your order and the student’s signed consent, we’ll process your request within five working days.

Personal character references (This will apply for only foreign students)
We can’t provide personal character references for current or former students. If you are a third-party organization and you require a character reference, you should contact the student’s study center. 

Upon receipt of your order (including payment) and the candidate’s hand-signed form, we will email the academic verification certificate to the third-party email address provided on the order form.

This form can be downloaded at  PSBU website.

Official Documents and Certificate Verification for Students

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