What is PSBU Leadership Academy?

PSBU Leadership Academy is one of the departments of PSB University established to provide extra education to promising students who either pass or fail grade 12th examination and want to foster their communication skills (Languages and methods), technology and entrepreneurship through project-based learning. These programs are generated based on the demand of our Cambodian young generation; especially, our fresh university students to make their dreams come true. PSBU Leadership Academy strongly believes that our curriculum is a map to success.

“PSBU Leadership Academy, make them reach who they are”


The PSBU Leadership Academy is not only a learning center, but also a place to find hope. Hope to sharpen their abilities through learning and experiencing, hope to have a good job toward their future career and hope to show off their potential in this recent world and stand equally on stage with both local and international students. We aim to support students by helping them to set their own map and inspire them to walk smartly to success in accordance with our slogan.


To achieve our vision above, PSBU Leadership Academy has been educating students to have high capacity of communication by enhancing language and interpersonal skill within the usage of student-centered approach, and entrepreneurship through project exploration which help building their leadership in the real jobs. All mechanisms we have been using are developing an international standard of education that help them stand internationally, creating jobs for the poor to earn income while learning and increasing opportunities for student to explore oversea.