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Rector Message

Preah Sihamoniraja Buddhist University

The founder of the Preah Sihamoniraja Buddhist University would wish to give a vision and spirit based on the Buddha’s teachings in order to set up a culture of peace, and a humanist, tolerant and harmonious mind in the present society. The enforcement of the Blessed One’s teachings through higher education will facilitate understanding, solidarity and compassion between men and women in the same society. It will also spread more tolerant and friendly relations among all peoples.

The first aim of the Buddhist University is to allow the elaboration of a new tank of the best human resources, well-educated as well as in general training and the technical capacities than in the knowledge of the Buddhist principles and values. Its principle will also be the preservation of Buddhism, and Khmer cultures and traditions, providing necessary intellectual foundations for development of the modern Khmer society.

Being aware of the huge needs of the country, the Preah Sihamoniraja Buddhist University takes part strongly in the noble mission of the reconstruction and intellectual rebirth in the near future which the country needs. It has the will and capability to participate in this reconstruction, and it is able to train and to provide human resources, educated in the sufficient knowledge as well as in the fields of the Buddhist spiritual sciences than in the fields of the most modern technologies.

Rector PSB University

 It will be a good asset to allow our younger generations to acquire adequate capabilities to face new challenges, and the complexity of the actual world and to understand the role of their country in this world. The younger generations will have the intellectual, spiritual and technical means in order to assure the continuity and the radiance of our culture, our civilization, and also the development of the economic potentials of the country to fight poverty.

Preah Sihamoniraja Buddhist University

H.H. Samdech Preah Abhisiri Sugandha
Mahasangharajah Dhipati BOUR KRY
Samdech Preah Mahasangharajah of
Dhammayuttikanikaya of
The Kingdom of Cambodia